David Duchovny Wept With Joy After Reading The ‘X-Files’ Revival Script

If there’s anyone living the dream in Hollywood these days, David Duchovny must be the man. He recently wrapped a seven-season run on Californication, which sadly puttered out before Heather Graham could make good on her reputation. Duchovny also fulfilled a life-long dream by recording an album. Most importantly, he’s looking forward to returning as Agent Fox Mulder on The X-Files reboot. (Let’s hope police aren’t monitoring fans this time around.)

Duchovny and Gillian Anderson know how to stoke the fires for their fans. After news of the revival broke, they locked lips in NYC to build buzz. Likewise, Duchovny realizes that fans will respond to his declaration of weeping upon reading the revival script. His feelings may be genuine, but there’s a reason he’s sharing with the internet:

David Duchovny says the first page of The X-Files revivial script made him cry–and it’s fantastic.

“I got the first script this morning,” the actor told EW during a recent interview. “I just read it about an hour ago and I started crying reading the first page. It was just so strange to see the names on the page. It had nothing to do with the script itself. It was just like, I’d been talking about this for a long time. We’d been planning it for a long time. It took a long time to get all the people in the same place and get the deal with Fox. So let’s say two years we’ve been talking about doing it. Now it’s the fun part. Now we actually get to do it. That was nice and strangely emotional for me, and I’ll have to figure out how to use that [in the performance].”

But what about the script itself? “I can tell you absolutely nothing–and it’s fantastic,” Duchovny said.

Fox limited the revival series to six episodes until they feel out the audience response to seeing Mulder and Scully back on television. Duchovny stresses that the mini-season will feature both stand-alone mysteries and some of the classic X-Files mythology. Some familiar faces — including special agents John Doggett (Robert Patrick), Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish), and assistant director Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) — will reportedly return for the fun. Of course, writer Chris Carter will be back with pen intact.

Duchovny says he’s also open to more episodes after the mini-season. This will probably happen. If fans stayed invested after those bizarro X-Files movies, there’s no way they’ll give up after six revival episodes. Someday, we’ll be watching Mulder and Scully solve paranormal mysteries in a retirement home. Unless Mulder’s hilariously forecasted death happens first.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)