The ‘Young Sheldon’ Trailer Shows A Bazinga-Less Fish Out Of Water Before ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Entertainment Editor
05.17.17 12 Comments

Sheldon Cooper has provided the world with what feels like thousands of “well actuallys” over The Big Bang Theory’s ten seasons, and now we finally get to see the genesis of the child prodigy as he grows up in Galveston, Texas. Young Sheldon is a fish out of water series that escalates what we see in the Big Bang Theory by taking Sheldon out of the relatively safe environments he finds himself in adulthood as a theoretical physicist and puts him on his path as a boy genius.

Jim Parsons is narrating the single cam show that is absent of a laugh track, and the tonal shift will be interesting to see as The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon air back to back this fall. The first look at Sheldon’s journey into society seems far less laugh-inducing than The Big Bang Theory, which is already questionable in the joke department.

Since this is 1989 will we get a bunch of ’90s nerd references? Times were so different back then for geniuses who loved comic books and fantasy. As Sheldon grows up, will there be discussions about the early console wars between the Genesis and SNES, or will we have a Doogie Howser in a god-fearing Texas high school with science experiments mixed in for good measure? It’s an origin story that’s unlike most, that’s for sure.

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