This Week On CBS’s ‘Zoo’: A Winged Hellbeast Threw A Car Off A Cliff!

07.14.17 3 Comments


Plenty to get to in this week’s episode of Zoo, which remains television’s best show about an animal uprising that was thwarted by a gas that sterilized the human race and left everyone fighting for their lives against a collection of lab-made hybrid beasts who may or may not be controlled by an evil genius that we just discovered is the main character’s secret long-lost sister, but first, this: At one point early in the episode, two of the characters (Jamie and Clementine) tried to catch-up a third (Mitch) on everything that took place when he was in a coma for the 10 years between seasons two and three, as well as everything we’ve learned in the first two episodes.

It was hilarious. It was exactly like what happens when I try to explain the show to people, right down to the person on the other end being like “Wait, what?” It was also more proof that Zoo knows exactly what it is and exactly what it is doing.

And now, your highlights, separated as always with simple, straightforward descriptions.

Mitch discovered a science thing in his brain so he guided Jamie and Clementine through DIY brain surgery that involved car batteries and a live pig

A few relatively important notes regarding this development:

– Jamie, who, in the 10-year time jump between seasons, as we’ve discussed and will continue to discuss until it stops delighting me completely (so, forever), went from a blogger/reporter to a billionaire author who is a leather-clad vigilante at night and tortures hostages with a cattle prod on the high-tech multimillion-dollar government jumbo jet she also apparently learned to fly, is an amateur brain surgeon now, too. She is easily my favorite character on television right now. Every show could use her.

– This was not Jamie’s first foray into emergency medicine. Last season she jump-started an evil general’s heart using cups filled with electro-charged demon ants. Doesn’t really matter anymore because that general is dead and the ants have been replaced by bloodthirsty hybrid creatures, but still. Wanted you to know.


– When Mitch noticed the science thing (which I will continue calling a “science thing” so I can get to the evil flying hellbeast GIFs without first spending three paragraphs explaining who the Shepherds are and why their defective bio gizmo ended up in his head), he instructed Jamie and Clem to get him “four car batteries, commercial grade Velcro, some lollipops, and a pig” for a procedure to try to remove it.

– Mitch is a veterinarian.

– They showed up with a live pig in the next scene and refused to explain how they acquired it.

– The lollipops were just because Mitch like lollipops.

Zoo is the greatest.

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