The ‘Daily Show’ Found Another Creepy Anti-Obamacare Ad To Creep Everyone Out

Did you see that super-creepy anti-Obamacare ad? Well, Jon Stewart and his Daily Show staff found another, complete with a creepy Dr. Kevorkian lookalike. So there’s that.

And then there’s the issue of large corporations scaling full-time employees down to part-time employees in a effort to safe a few bucks. Predictably, Jon Stewart has an issue with this sort of thing.

“So if you’re a corporation, you could do the right thing, the moral thing, and spend about $10,000 to give your employees health insurance,” Stewart said. ” Or you could save eight grand and tell your employees to go f*ck themselves.”


And here’s a follow-up segment with John Hodgman, the show’s resident “deranged millionaire.”