Will Tom Hardy Be In The ‘Peaky Blinders’ Movie?

Peaky Blinders first premiered in 2013 and ran for six seasons before wrapping up in 2022. Since then, a lot has gone down: Cillian Murphy has won an Oscar, Paul Anderson was arrested for cocaine possession, and Tom Hardy has been zooming around aimlessly on a bike. So why not bring the crew back for another go around!

A Peaky Blinders movie was announced at the end of last year, and Murphy is on board to return. It seems like his costar Tom Hardy, who played the Alfie Solomons, leader of the Jewish gang, could appear as well.

While promoting The Bike Riders, Hardy revealed that Alfie will “100%’ be back with the Blinders crew.

Hardy told SkyNews, “100% Alfie will definitely make an appearance, but I don’t know when”, he said, adding “and I don’t even know if he will, that’s just me punting,” Hardy joked. Even if it isn’t official, the fact that Hardy is interested is a good sign.

Not much else about the movie has been revealed, but it’s expected to begin filming this fall. “It’s gonna happen. It’s gonna happen this September,” creator and writer Steven Knight told NME in April. “I’m just doing the final polishes, which will continue up until the day before we start shooting. But we’re there. We’ve got everything sorted, we’ve got all the commitments we need, we are ready to go,” he added. It’s nice that Hardy has finally proven Sir Patrick Stewart wrong.

(Via Comic Book)