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#Dumb Criminals

Meet The New York Bus Driver Who Was Arrested For Masturbating While Driving A Student To School

By | 3 Comments

An upstate New York bus driver is in jail after allegedly masturbating behind the wheel.

#Viral Videos

This Groom Violently Dropping His Bride Is A Perfect Lesson In How Not To Start A Marriage

By | 2 Comments

If you're going to carry your new wife, try to be careful. That means no sprinting.


Apple CEO Tim Cook: ‘I’m Proud To Be Gay’


Apple CEO Tim Cook has publicly acknowledged his sexual orientation for the first time in a powerful essay.

#Viral Videos

This Bumbling Chevy Executive Made Madison Bumgarner’s World Series MVP Presentation Hilariously Awkward

By | 19 Comments

Chevrolet executive Rikk Wilde hands the keys to a new truck to World Seris MVP Madison Bumgarner and things get AWKWARD.


John Carter Cash, Son Of Johnny Cash, Arrested For Drunkenly Stripping Down To His Underwear In Airport

By | 6 Comments

John Carter Cash, son of music legend Johnny Cash, was arrested in a Canadian airport for drunkenly stripping down to his briefs.


Ashton Kutcher Slams Charlie Sheen: ‘I’ve Got A Great Job, And It’s Thanks To You Not Having It Anymore’

By | 21 Comments

Ashton Kutcher to Charlie Sheen: "I've got a great job, and it's thanks to you not having it anymore!"

#Viral Videos

Watch This Cop Viciously Faceplant While Chasing Topless Protesters Through The Streets Of France

By | 7 Comments

Ouch! A cop in full riot gear was chasing a flock of topless protesters and he went down HARD.

#Viral Videos

Someone Strapped A GoPro Camera To A Whiskey Bottle At A Wedding, And The Result Is Magical

By | 46 Comments

Someone strapped a GoPro camera to a bottle of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey at a wedding, and the results are magical.

#John Oliver

John Oliver Bashes Shady Sugar-Pushing Food Companies, Demands They #ShowUsYourPeanuts

By | 3 Comments

John Oliver takes a sobering look at sugar consumption and the way it's unknowingly pushed on consumers

#Dumb Criminals

Meet The Michigan Sex Offender Who Masturbated Twice In The Drive-Thru During A Single Trip To McDonald’s

By | 9 Comments

Michael Peterson pleasured himself in front of McDonald's drive-thru workers. Then he pulled around and did it again.


John Grisham Thinks We Should Go Easy On 60-Year-Old White Guys Who Watch Child Porn

By | 56 Comments

John Grisham thinks society and the judicial system are being way too hard on old white guys who enjoy child porn.

#Jimmy Fallon

Watch Brad Pitt And His Killer Pornstache Flash Some Astonishing Breakdancing Skills

By | 7 Comments

Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon have a "Breakdance Conversation" in the basement of 30 Rock.

#The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Drunk’ Proves ‘The Walking Dead’ Would Be Even Better If Everyone Was Wasted

By | 3 Comments

Someone found a way to improve The Walking Dead: replace the zombies with incredibly drunk people.


Meet The Florida Teen Who Had Sex With A Stuffed Horse In Walmart’s Bedding Department

By | 20 Comments

Does this look like a man who would have sex with a stuffed horse and then make a huge mess by putting it back on the shelf?

foo fighters

Watch Foo Fighters And Zac Brown Perform A Black Sabbath Classic On ‘Letterman’

By | 21 Comments

Foo Fighters teamed up with Zac Brown to cover a Black Sabbath classic: War Pigs.

#Jimmy Fallon

Here’s How Zach Galifianakis Discovered That His Belly Button Is The Perfect Home For His Son’s Testicles


Here's how Zach Galifianakis discovered that his belly button is the perfect home for his son's testicles.

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