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#Game of Thrones

‘Game Of Thrones’ Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need To Know About Cersei Lannister

By | 30 Comments

Here's everything you need to know about Cersei Lannister on 'Game of Thrones.'


People In China Can’t Stop Hiring Funeral Strippers

By | 12 Comments

Chinese people keep hiring strippers for funerals, and the government is not happy.


Nelly Has Been Arrested On Felony Drug Charges

By | 57 Comments

Hip-hop star Nelly was arrested on felony drug charges, including possession of meth.


‘This Car Is An Absolute Piece Of Sh*t': This Craiglist Ad Wins Points For Honesty

By | 4 Comments

"If you are a single guy and you were hoping to get laid this summer, don't even bother reading this ad."

#John Oliver

John Oliver Asks Everyone To Take His No-Prank Pledge Because April Fools’ Day Is Terrible

By | 4 Comments

April Fools' Day is terrible. Everyone should take John Oliver's No-Prank Pledge.


Meet The Model Who Wears A Corset 23 Hours A Day To Achieve Her 20-Inch Waist

By | 13 Comments

Wearing a corset for 23 hours a day isn't good for your health.


Ludacris Met Jeb Bush And Used The Opportunity To Diss The Entire Bush Family

By | 30 Comments

Ludacris used a photo-op with Jeb Bush to drop the scorching burn.


A New Study Says Watching Porn Is Great For Your Sex Life

By | 5 Comments

UCLA tried to figure out if watching porn is bad for bedroom performance, and found the exact opposite.

#Viral Videos

Watch The Intense Aftermath Of A ‘Failed Hijacking’ That Took Place Aboard A United Flight Monday Night

By | 24 Comments

A plane traveling from Washington DC to Denver had to turn around following this ugly incident.

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