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A Utah Teen Was Forced To Wear Her Winter Coat To A Dance After Showing Up In This ‘Revealing’ Dress

By | 31 Comments

A 16-year-old was forced to wear a winter coat to her high school dance after chaperones deemed her dress "too revealing."


Beloved News Anchor Courageously Announces ALS Diagnosis And Retirement During Live Broadcast

By | 4 Comments

Larry Stogner brought the evening news to North Carolina residents for nearly 40 years. Next week will be his last on the air.


Neil deGrasse Tyson Says Bill Belichick’s #DeflateGate Science Is Way Off

By | 39 Comments

World famous astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson says Bill Belichick's #DeflateGate excuse doesn't make any sense.


Louis C.K.’s Historic Madison Square Garden Performance: Comedy’s Premier Craftsman Fuses His Standup Tools

By | 6 Comments

Louis C.K. is going to keep performing at Madison Square Garden until his shows stop selling out. Here's why you should buy a ticket.


This Man Got A Doctor’s Note Excusing Him For Being A Terrible Sexual Partner

By | 4 Comments

This man found a way to underperform in the bedroom... without having to explain himself.


This Frustrated Mom Is On Strike Until Her Kids Start Behaving Better

By | 5 Comments

“This is the only solution I can think of, other than getting rid of my children.”

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This University’s Sexy Recruitment Ad Is Not Going Over Well With Professors

By | 9 Comments

A Canadian university released a steamy recruitment video, and professors aren't happy.


Jon Stewart Gave Mike Huckabee A Perfect Response To His Beyonce ‘Stripper’ Comments

By | 71 Comments

Mike Huckabee keeps making "stripper" comments about Beyonce. Jon Stewart came up with the perfect response.


Woman Fakes Her Own Death To Escape Creep She Met Online, Has Hilarious Texts To Prove It

By | 17 Comments

He wouldn't let her break up with him. So she resorted to (hilariously) desperate measures.


Watch These QVC Hosts Argue Over Whether The Moon Is A Star Or A Planet

By | 19 Comments

QVC hosts Jane Treacy and Isaac Mizrahi try to determine whether the moon is a planet or a star. It doesn't go well.

bob ross

Here’s What Bob Ross Looked Like Before Growing His Trademark Afro

By | 11 Comments

Bob Ross wasn't born with his trademark afro. Here's what he looked like during his military days!

Zara Larsson

Swedish Singer Mocks Men Who Say They’re ‘Too Big’ For Condoms In Hilarious Fashion

By | 30 Comments

Zara Larsson is tired of men saying they're "too big" to wear a condom. So she took to Instagram to make fun of them.

#The Daily Show

Jon Stewart Found The Right Words For The Senseless Charlie Hebdo Killings

By | 7 Comments

Jon Stewart paid tribute to the courageous victims of the Charlie Hebdo killings.

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