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Here’s What It Would Look Like If Men Created A Tampon Commercial

By | 8 Comments

If men tried to make a commercial for Tampax, this would be the horrifyingly clueless result.


Dead Woman’s Will Stipulates Her Dog Must Be Killed And Buried With Her

By | 21 Comments

An Indiana woman's will requires her German Shepherd, Bella, be euthanized and cremated so he can be buried with her.


An Angry Doctor Wrote The Perfect Response To Employers Who Require Doctor’s Notes For Sick Days

By | 54 Comments

Does your employer require a doctor's note when you take a sick day? Show them this.


Macauley Culkin’s Stunt Double Was A 30-Year-Old Man And Other ‘Home Alone’ Facts You Might Not Know

By | 4 Comments

Impress your friends and relatives this holiday season with these fun facts about 'Home Alone.'


What If Tinder Made An eHarmony-Style Commercial?


What if hookup app Tinder advertised the same way as traditional dating services like eHarmony and Match.com?


Daredevil Posts Terrifying Instagram Photo From Cliff Shortly Before Plunging To His Death

By | 36 Comments

Gareth Jones, a daredevil famous for posting his stunts to Instagram, uploaded this photo from the same cliff he would later fall from.

#jimmy fallon

Watch Mark Wahlberg And Jimmy Fallon Repeatedly Slap Each Other In The Face With Giant Rubber Hands

By | 2 Comments

Jimmy Fallon and Mark Wahlberg took part in a high-stakes game of blackjack, with the loser of each round getting smacked in the face.


The Ebola Fighters Are Time’s ‘Person Of The Year’ For 2014

By | 10 Comments

TIME has named "The Ebola Fighters" as its 2014 Person of the Year.

#Viral Videos

Watch Michigan Police Officers Surprise Minor Traffic Violators With Gifts From Their Christmas Wish Lists

By | 5 Comments

Police in Lowell, Michigan pulled over motorists for minor traffic violations, only to surprise them with items from their Christmas lists.


This Bikini Girl Trying To Take A Selfie Dubbed With Nature Documentary Narration Is A Flawless Mashup

By | 8 Comments

This bikini-clad girl took FOREVER to take the perfect selfie, and the internet ridiculed her with the perfect mashup.

#Stephen Colbert

Watch President Obama’s Full Interview With Stephen Colbert On ‘The Colbert Report’

By | 12 Comments

Watch Stephen Colbert's complete interview with President Barack Obama on The Colbert Report.

#Viral Videos

Watch This Badass Attorney Humiliate A Police Officer Who’s Harrassing An Innocent Black Man

By | 22 Comments

Watch a badass female attorney step in and save an innocent black man from police harassment.


A Drunk Vermont Man Kept Crashing His Vehicles Until Police Finally Gave Him A DUI

By | 4 Comments

A Vermont man drove three different vehicles drunk -- crashing two -- before police finally gave him a DUI.


Bill Burr Is Tired Of Depressing Domestic Violence Campaigns Ruining His Sports Viewing Experience

By | 23 Comments

Bill Burr is tired of domestic abuse PSAs and cancer charities getting in the way of the big game.

#The Daily Show

Jon Stewart Couldn’t Find Any Humor In The Eric Garner Decision, But He Did Find The Perfect Words

By | 48 Comments

Jon Stewart on the Eric Garner grand jury decision: “We are definitely not living in a post-racial society."


Watch Tom Cruise Almost Get Hit By A Double-Decker Bus While Filming In London

By | 10 Comments

Tom Cruise wandered onto a busy London street and nearly got hit by a double-decker bus, only to scamper back to the curb.

#Viral Videos

Are This Man’s High-Speed Motorbike Yoga Poses Impressive Or Just Dangerous?

By | 3 Comments

Gugulotu Lachiram is an "extreme yoga" proponent who prefers to do his poses on speeding motorbikes while wearing zero protective gear.

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