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The Rock Finally Revealed The Very Special Nickname He Has For His Penis

By | 2 Comments

Conan O'Brien accidentally got Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson to reveal the nickname he has for his genitals.


Arizona’s Execution Of Convicted Murderer Finally Succeeds After Two Hours Of ‘Gasping And Snorting’

By | 41 Comments

Joseph Rudolph Wood III was executed in Arizona on Wednesday. The process did not go according to plan.

Geek & Sci-Fi

About That Time Chris Pratt Ambien-Texted A Wrestling Challenge To WWE’s Batista

By | 14 Comments

Chris Pratt once challenged Dave Batista, the longest reigning heavyweight champion in WWE history, to a wrestling match.

the beatles

The George Harrison Memorial Tree In Los Angeles Was Killed By Actual Beetles

By | 8 Comments

A tree planted in Los Angeles in memory of Beatles great George Harrison has died due to a beetle infestation.


Teenager Snaps Smiling Selfie At Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Responds To Backlash With ‘I’m Famous Yall’

By | 97 Comments

Breanna Mitchell tweeted a smiling selfie from the Auschwitz concentration camp, and is basking in the controversy the photo has caused.

guinness world records

This ‘Simpsons’ Super Fan Just Set A World Record With His 41st Tattoo Of Homer Simpson

By | 7 Comments

Lee Weir, a 27-year-old from New Zealand, just set a new world record for "Most Tattoos of the Same Cartoon Character Tattooed on the Body."


Unreal: Couple Who Lost Son & Daughter-In-Law In Flight MH370 Crash Also Lost Family In Flight MH17 Crash

By | 11 Comments

A family who lost their son and daughter-in-law in Flight MH370 is experiencing another nightmare as a result of Flight MH17.


Here’s How Much Money You Need To Make To Be Happy In Your State

By | 23 Comments

Can money buy happiness? Yes, but only to a certain point. And how much depends on where you live.


Watch Tim McGraw Smack A Woman In The Face After She Grabs His Junk

By | 18 Comments

Watch as Tim McGraw slaps a female fan in the face after she tries to grab his crotch.


Oregon Officers Are Under Fire For Making This Amazing List Of People Who Should ‘Eat A Bowl Of Dicks’

By | 53 Comments

A wrongful termination lawsuit filed against the University of Oregon by a fired public safety officer contains hilarious details.


Stuart Scott’s ESPY Awards Speech About Battling Cancer Will Leave You Inspired, In Tears

By | 10 Comments

Stuart Scott was honored with the Jimmy V Perseverence Award at the 2014 ESPY Awards, and gave a beautiful speech about fighting cancer.


Here Are The Nine Most Ridiculous Workout Videos To Ever Hit The Internet

By | 2 Comments

Watch the nine most insane workout clips to ever hit the internet, all in one video.


California High Schooler Commits Suicide After Video Of Him Masturbating In Bathroom Stall Goes Viral

By | 56 Comments

Matthew Burdette, 14, took his own life after a video of him allegedly masturbating in a bathroom stall spread via Vine and SnapChat.

#viral video

This Kid’s High-Speed Go-Kart Parking Job Is Better Than Anything You’ll See In Mario Kart

By | 8 Comments

Watch a youngster pull off an incredible high-speed, winding parking job in his go-kart.

Roger Corman

Conan O’Brien Will Finally Make His Film Debut In… SyFy’s ‘Sharktopus Vs. Pteracuda’

By | 6 Comments

Conan O'Brien has waited a long time to make his film debut, presumably holding out for the right opportunity. And it looks like he's finally found it.


The Cast Of Napoleon Dynamite Reunited For A Flippin’ Sweet Photo

By | 16 Comments

Jon Heder, Haylie Duff, Efren Ramirez, and Tina Majorino reunite for a flippin' sweet photo ten years after Napoleon Dynamite.


A Ridiculous Brawl Between Drunk Russians Gets The Hilarious ‘Street Fighter’ Treatment It Deserves

By | 4 Comments

A ridiculous fight between to Russian drunks only gets funnier when it receives the Street Fighter treatment.

2014 FIFA World Cup

The World Cup Couldn’t End Without Bringing Us One Last ‘F*ck Her Right In The P*ssy’ On Live Television

By | 8 Comments

The mega viral/vulgar "F*ck Her Right in the P*ssy" meme -- in which some jerk grabs a reporter's microphone during a live segment and yells (you guessed it) "F*ck her right in the p*ssy.


Tour De France Stage Winner Tries To Kiss Podium Girl, Gets Sternly Rejected

By | 6 Comments

Vicenzo Nibali tried to plant a kiss on a podium girl after winning the second stage of the Tour de France. It didn't go very well.

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