From Bowl Cuts To The ‘Peaky Blinder,’ Kyle Singler’s Haircuts Continue To Be High Comedy

By: 09.15.16

Getty Image

Perhaps you’ve heard by now the big news out of Oklahoma City this offseason. No, we’re not talking about Kevin Durant’s decision to leave for the Bay. That’s unimportant, peripheral noise compared to the real news from the OKC offseason: Kyle Singler got a new ‘do.

With a tip of the cap to the always helpful reddit crew at r/NBA, we get his new Peaky Blinders-inspired look that makes us wanna guzzle some Irish whiskey, hammer some Birmingham iron into place, and beat a man’s face to a pulp like early Tyson.

The pale-faced reserve wing might perpetually sit unclaimed in your fantasy league, but barbers all over the world rub their hands together with delight when they see Singler’s tresses sashay through the door.

We’re going to track his various coiffures through the years. From his surprisingly conservative high school style, to his early look at Duke, and all the way to the Dutch Boy he’s had in Oklahoma City.

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