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Morning Links with Tacocat, Goats for the Computer Industry

By 10.05.11

Thanks to Bad Lip Reading for putting politics into the only format in which I can stomach it these days. “Save a pretzel for the gas jets” indeed. I feel like Bad Lip Reading is at their best when they go full abstract. And might I add… ERECTION, YOUR ONION!

All hail Burnsy for these Photoshops of Excited Soccer Kid. Man, fat little kids rule. |With Leather|

Paula Deen Y’all: 20 Internet-Approved Paula Deen Photoshops |UPROXX|

This week’s Frotcast was one of the more enjoyable ones. |Frotcast 67|

5 Pieces of X-Ray Tech that Can You Carry In Your Hand |Gamma Squad|

Dammit I’m mad, Tacocat, dammit I’m mad. |source|

‘The Simpsons’ May Finally Get Canceled |Warming Glow|

Four Loko Folds Under FTC Pressure, Updates Alcohol Content Warning. Of course, it doesn’t have caffeine or anything in it anymore so it’s totally f*cking pointless and tastes like ass. |Smoking Section|

14 words we need in English. |MentalFloss|

Johnny Depp is almost as ridiculously over-accessorized as Jack Sparrow. |TheSuperficial|

Mayra Veronica is a girl for the brothas. |GorillaMask|

Texts from last night is going to be a TV show again/still/maybe. |Videogum|

Famous movie characters as South Park Characters. |NextMovie|

Nine entertainers who were fired offensive statements. |ScreenJunkies|

10 photos of Hank Williams Jr. looking racist. |HolyTaco|

Chris Christie’s Presidential Announcement (With Fat Cats) |Buzzfeed|

The Perfect Halloween Costume for One-Legged Ladies |The Daily What|

12-Year-Old Boy Turns Hero as he Thwarts Armed Robbery |Brobible|

Mindhole Blowers: 20 Facts About Bridesmaids That Might Make You Sh*t Your Pants |Pajiba|

Now THAT Is Some Unfortunate Juxtaposition |NextRound|

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