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Armie Hammer photobombs these links

By 02.02.12

Armie Hammer, the popped-collar pot bandit, photobombs Meryl Streep at the SAG Awards. I’m kind of fascinated with the guy behind him. Is he security? What’s going on there? Is there a guy in charge of stopping photobombs? All I know is that Armie Hammer is so preppy, if he was on Saved by the Bell, Zack Morris’s nickname would’ve been “Thug Life.” [via Buzzfeed]

ROFLMNBAO: This Week In NBA Pictures |With Leather|

Twelve Reasons Why NBC Is a Last-Place Network |Warming Glow|

Andy Richter Controls The Universe, Specifically The Province of Skyrim |Gamma Squad|

Channing Tatum Showed Rachel McAdams His Dong |Film Drunk|

This Is How You Place An Order At Sonic |UPROXX|

In honor of Groundhog Day, Stephen Tobolowsky reprises his role as Ned Ryerson. |mastersofnone|

Katherine Heigl unveils her wax figu– wait, no, that’s actually Katherine Heigl. |TheSuperficial|

Cocky 17-Year-Old Gets Ruined In A Rap Battle With His English Teacher |Buzzfeed|

Hitler rants about Groundhog Day. |Videogum|

The origin of Groundhog Day. |MentalFloss|

Taiwanimation explains how to make the best Super Bowl commercial. |GorillaMask|

Classic TV locations get turned into moody pieces of art. Something wicked is coming for Moe’s Tavern |FARK|

Mexican flight instructor lands Cessna with broken engine. I gave my girlfriend a Mexican flight instructor once. |TheDailyWhat|

25 reasons the Year of the Dragaon will be awesome. |HolyTaco|

9 celebrities photoshopped as groundhogs. |ScreenJunkies|

The Best Gallery of Soul Calibur Cosplay in Existence |Unreality|

Are These NCAA Helmet Concepts Better Than Current Designs? |Brobible|

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