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SUPERCUT: Sad Robert Deniro

By 04.24.13

Not every supercut has to be obscure and super specific – for instance, I’ve been trying to get someone to make a good-guy-closes-dead-person’s-eyes supercut for years. Sometimes it’s enough just to see how a particular actor does a particular thing, as is the case with NextMovie‘s new Sad Robert Deniro supercut. Unlike, say, the Julianne Moore crying supercut, Deniro isn’t especially known for crying a lot, so when he does, it’s like we’re seeing something special, like that Danzig picture where he’s carrying kitty litter. Deniro also has that quality that when he’s crying, he always looks like he’s about to break character, which somehow makes the crying more believable. Allison Williams on Girls is like that, where she always looks like she’s about to laugh, even when she’s pissed. Actors are like that in real life, by the way, tossed about the seas of their own irrational emotions, as unreliable as they are unemployable.

Anyway, it’s nice to remember what Robert Deniro was like before he got body-snatched:



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