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10.26.09 24 Comments

Okay, so this is actually the trailer for Collapse (available on OnDemand November 6th), a film about a guy basically predicting the end of civilization.  Since that sounds sort of depressing, I chose to illustrate it using the gentle alpaca.  See?  Not so bad now.

Chris Smith, director of American Movie [If you haven’t seen it, Netflix immediately –Ed.] and Home Movie, has taken a dark turn. His new film Collapse is about the future, and it ain’t looking pretty. In it we hear the thoughts and fears of one Michael Ruppert, a former cop who had evidence that the CIA was involved in drug trafficking and was booted off the force, becoming an independent reporter and predicting the financial crisis in the process. Is he a prophet? A lunatic? Whatever he is, he sure makes for a compelling subject. [CHUD]

This movie would be really scary if we were to take this guy seriously, but… he’s probably a crackpot.  Just some raving loony off the streets.   Then again, one can never be too careful.  (*smears poop on face, dives through window*) RUN FOR YOUR LIVES, CALIFORNIA IS GOING DOWN!  EVERYTHING IS F-CKED, DUDE!  (*slaughters hobo for meat*)

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