Celebrity Encounter: Schwarzenegger Snubs Shatner over Burritos

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09.12.11 10 Comments

In a year that’s seen him cucquean a Kennedy and get outed for constantly ensemenating poor people (proving that his “all the time I am coming” speech from Pumping Iron was more than metaphorical), you’d think Arnold Schwarzenegger’s public image couldn’t take another hit. But now it seems the Austrian ass lover may be guilty of a crime far worse than adultery — not recognizing William Shatner, the sexiest motherf*cker in space.

Keep in mind, the following story comes from a guy who runs a website and could just be a cheap ploy for publicity, but it included pictures and sounded true enough. Writes Brian Warner of CelebrityNetWorth, who says he witnessed the encounter while eating a burrito at the Brentwood Country Mart:

Shatner was finished eating so he and his family threw all their stuff in the trash and started to get up to leave. At this point Captain Kirk sees The Terminator and his eyes get really big. As his family walks out William makes a b-line for Arnold, extends his hand and says:

“Bill Shatner, nice to see you”.

Arnold shook the hand but other than that did not acknowledge Shatner’s existence in any way. He didnt lift his head, didnt utter a word, he actually seemed really annoyed that he was being bothered. Shatner appeared stunned. I think he was expecting a BIG BIG reaction. But no, Shatner got SHAFTED big time. He got nothing. Less than nothing. It was one of the most awkward snubs I’ve ever witnessed. After a few moments of waiting for that big reaction, a red faced Shatner scurried away.

After Shatner had vacated the area Arnold’s son looked over at his dad and said:

Dad, that was William Shatner.

Who is William Shatner?

Are you serious dad? He was on Star Trek and a ton of other TV shows. I’m pretty sure he’s like really really famous. You should know who he is, you’ve probably even met him before.

I have no idea who that man was.

DAD come on. He does all those commercials for that airline website Priceline.

Ohhhhhh… He jumps around a lot and looks very silly in different costumes, right? Is that him? [Isn’t he always just wearing a suit in the Priceline ads? -Ed.]

Yes dad, that’s him. He has also been in like a million other TV shows and movies. He’s really famous, I dont believe you’ve never heard of him.

How am I supposed to remember all that? I don’t care about Star Trek. I didn’t recognize that man. How’s school going are you getting homework done at your mom’s house? I’m hungry where’s our chicken?

So, do you buy it? For me, the hardest part to swallow is Arnold Schwarzenegger caring about his son’s homework. Though the part about him being hungry for chicken certainly rings true.

[In more movie-related news, Schwarzenegger is reportedly in talks for Captive, in which he’d play a real estate magnate who gets kidnapped in Brazil. He’ll probably agree, Arnold loves Brazil.]

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