Comments of the Week: The Return

06.06.11 6 years ago 40 Comments

With the holiday enshortened week last week, I didn’t get a chance to publish a Comments of the Week.  But now I’m back, working on a Sunday night, for your FilmDrinking pleasure, and I’ve got three Bach from the Dead posters to give away for the winners.  So here are your top three (and if this includes you, remember to send me your address):

From Looks like that hansome A-hole Bradley Cooper can also speak French:

ChinoMoreno says: I want to see his oui oui.

From Channing Tatum is in an amnesia movie:

kellyman says: Ready? “50 first Tates” Lean into that!

From Waiting Game is the abstinence comedy of the year:

DavidNowacki says: Why is the dog sitting like that? I’m not Christian, is part of it beating off dogs?

That last one might not have been the most clever, but what can I say, the visual I got of a priest solemnly beating off a dog in front of his congregation really dug a brain burrow.   Honorable mentions after the jump:

From Arnold Schwarzenegger’s producers pull out:

Stinky Peet says:
“milked for comedy, tension and conflict.”
Words lifted directly from his housekeeper’s job description.

From Of course there’s going to be a Bin Laden porno:

Chino Moreno: All of the promiscuous women in this movie get a public Evan Stoning.

David Nowacki says: Osama: Holed Up In A Cave

Spazmodic: burkkake?

Tony Everready: Puns in the porn industry are like the female talent, dead inside. But luckily I totally get off to that sh*t.

From Quentin Tarantino originally wanted Kurt Cobain to play the drug dealer (Eric Stoltz’ part) in Pulp Fiction:

Chino Moreno says : He never had to give a shot, but he sure could take one.

Stinky Peet says: In hindsight, Tarantino should have offered him the role of Marvin.

My gosh, I never would’ve expected a Kurt Cobain post to bring out so many gunshot-to-the-head jokes. /sarcasm.

From X-Men: First Class is pretty good except for the half-assed gay metaphor.

Charlie Br0nze says:
 The gays ruin everything. Just look at these trousers.

From The Trailer for The Facts of Life XXX:

ChinoMoreno says: Blair’s eating disorder was cured with one sweet trip down to Edna’s Edibles.

And finally, from C-Tates’ amnesia movie:

Burnsy says: C-Tates once dated a girl named Amnesia.

It’s scary how well Burnsy knows C-Tates. Burnsy is C-Tates’ de facto biographer.

Until next week, happy commenting.  And as always, bookmark this post and throughout the week, paste your favorite comments into the comments section below.  That’s kind of our nomination process.  Then next Sunday, I take my place at the FilmDrunk altar, declaring next week’s comments of the week winner while beating off a dog, to a chorus of thunderous finger snaps. It’s the FilmDrunk way.

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