James Franco's 'Maladies' Has A Trailer

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02.08.13 14 Comments
Filling his prescription of chill pills.

Let’s see, we have James Franco, a director who goes only by Carter and a debut at the Berlin Film Festival. Could it be that Maladies is everything that we’ve come to expect from Franco and more?

Set in the 1960s, James Franco (kinda looking a bit like Joaquin Phoenix from “The Master” in that pic above) plays a former actor and schizophrenic who lives with his mentally detached sister Patricia (Fallon Goodson) and his cross-dressing best friend (Keener) in the same house. And as you can guess, their lifestyle, coupled with their issues, ruffles more than a few feathers both inside and outside of the house as they try to make sense of their lives. (Via Indiewire)

Hell yes, this is a Franco film if I’ve ever heard one. And now we have a trailer to see just how crazy Maladies will be.

This looks hauntingly sweet. Strange as all hell, but hauntingly sweet. I appreciate the idea that these socially strange people are such close friends and they make a pact to finish each other’s work if one of them should die. In fact, now I want to make that kind of pact.

Like, if I should die – presumably buried under a mountain of models and cocaine – I’d want someone to pick up my collection of animal GIFs and keep including them in random stories. God only knows if I’ll ever meet that person.

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