New Dark Knight Trailer: Gotham's Reckoning

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05.01.12 32 Comments

Okay, internet, there’s a new Dark Knight Rises trailer out, commence pants sh*tting. This one has a lot of the same stuff we’ve seen….

  • Bane, his mask, the sherpa jacket of doom
  • Tom Hardy’s pillowy, smoochable lips HEY! Who typed that!
  • Hines Ward outrunning people as the football field explodes
  • Bruce Wayne dancing with Catwoman at one of those masquerade parties they only have in movies
  • Batman and Bane fighting on the courthouse steps

Plus some new-ish stuff…

  • More Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  • Bruce Wayne in a hole
  • The bridges out of Gotham blowing up
  • Batman’s hoverjet thingie

And you know shit’s getting serious, because Morgan Freeman is there, making his “shit’s gettin’ serious” face. It’s kind of Morgan Freeman’s thing.

The Avengers opens this weekend, and obviously, the two big superhero movies opening this summer are The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. The basic difference is that Chris Nolan will probably be trying to reinvent the genre, while Joss Whedon will be writing a winky love letter to it. It all depends what you want, overly self-serious, or nauseatingly kitschy?

Also, we won’t have to pretend that a big-boobed redhead shooting pistols is mankind’s fifth greatest weapon for Dark Knight Rises. But I’m obviously biased, because I got TDKR in our Fantasy Summer Box Office Pool. YEAH, BOO, AVENGERS! WHEDON F*CKS DOGS! DARK KNIGHT RISES ALL THE WAY! (*shoots t-shirt guns*)

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