Trailer: The Great Gatsby looks… shiny.

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04.04.13 41 Comments
“I was standing beside his bed in my finest Yale hat when Gatsby showed me his Oh face.” -Nick Carraway

A new full trailer for The Great Gatsby, which opens May 10th, just hit the web, and I for one applaud Baz Luhrmann’s attempt to sculpt a literary classic entirely out of tinsel. It’s got everything you remember from the book – slow motion, Busby Berkeley musical numbers, street racing, and of course dub-step Amy Winehouse covers. I especially enjoyed the street racing, but I imagine they’re saving most of it for the sequel, Gatsby 2: Tokyo Drift. Not even those old money haters in their fancy Ferraris can stop Jay-G when he cranks up the NOS.

Does Carey Mulligan ever not cry? The poor girl, I hardly recognize her unless she’s falling to pieces.

“I dunno, Baz, seems a little… busy, don’t you think?”
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