VIDEO: George Lucas talks Star Wars and Disney

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When one mega-corporation acquires another supercorporation, we all already know the reason: because they could afford it. But for some reason, we always have to play this game where they send out representatives of the companies to give their best man speeches about all the reasons why these two faceless entities should join in holy matrimony and we pretend like we care. We know already. They both think they’re going to make money on the deal. They’re two lego pieces that fit together. Fine. But it’s always fun to see just how far they’ll go to sell us this sh*t.

Anyway, freshly-minted Lucasfilms President and Star Wars brand manager Kathleen Kennedy sat down with George Lucas to discuss the merger. Assorted quotes:

LUCAS: “Obviously, I’ve been talking about retiring for some years now…”

LUCAS: “I really wanted to put the company somewhere, in a large entity, that would protect it.”

Ooh, you mean, like… AN EMPIRE?

LUCAS: “There’s lots and lots of opportunity at Disney that we wouldn’t have at any other studio.”

LUCAS: “When I made Star Wars many years ago, everybody in Hollywood said ‘Well this is a movie Disney should’ve made.'”

KENNEDY: “Disney defines family entertainment, and in many ways, it’s the best possible company to take Star Wars into the future.”

LUCAS: “I’ve always said I wasn’t going to do more, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t turn it over to Kathy to do more. I have story treatments of [Episodes] seven, eight, and nine…”


KENNEDY: “We’re absolutely going to make more Star Wars movies, and we’re in the midst of the really fun part of the process, which is we’re sitting down with a couple of writers and we’re starting to discuss ideas…”

KENNEDY: “The main thing is to protect these characters, and that the universe of Star Wars continue to grow.”

Right, I mean, the last thing we want is to make three straight horrible movies and turn all the characters into obnoxious little kids whining about their relationship problems. That would really be a shame.

Watching the real George Lucas always reminds me how much more I prefer the fake George Lucas. The real George Lucas made it through that entire video without stuffing money into his neck pouch or demanding to be fed stray cats. He’s just a portly man with a voice like the Sargento cheese guy who’ll talk in a quiet monotone long enough for you to fall asleep so he can go back to playing with his toy trains. It’s disappointing.

In conclusion…

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