Master List Of Star Wars Alterations And A Look Back On When George Lucas Spoke Against Altering Films

By: 09.01.11

(Note: many of the following videos are leaked audio synced with previous footage. The Blu-rays may be different, and only some of these changes have been confirmed by LucasArts so far.)

On the Blu-ray for Return of the Jedi, Darth Vader now cheesily yells “Noooooooooo” when he hurls the Emperor to his death, rather than being awesomely silent. Way to take some of the poignancy right the hell out:


Jabba’s front door now looks huge (but fake). Because Jabba’s fat. Hardy har har.

Obi-Wan’s call of “Krayyt Dragon” when he scares the Tusken Raiders away from an unconscious Luke has been replaced with . . . whatever the hell this is:

Fittingly, one of the top YouTube comments is:


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