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Keeping Han In The Links

By 12.08.11

This Jurassic Park Art Show Puts The Focus Back On The People |UPROXX|

Facebook Glitch Leaks Mark Zuckerberg’s Pictures, Reveals He’s A Very Boring Person |Smoking Section|

Look upon the New York Islanders’ T-shirt Gatling gun, ye mighty, and despair |With Leather|

Meme Watch: Really High Guy Is Really, Really High |UPROXX|

MythBusters stunt goes wrong. Consider this house *sunglasses* BUSTED. |Warming Glow|

Kate Upton as a nun is the only saving grace of this Three Stooges trailer |Film Drunk|

And Today’s Cutest Kid Is This Rapping Two-Year-Old |Smoking Section|

10 of TV’s Most Obnoxious, Overused Tropes |Warming Glow|

This Week in Movie Posters |Film Drunk|

Bill Cosby has some words for Tim Tebow, but if those words aren’t “Jell-O” and “Mortimer Ichabod” I don’t care. |With Leather|

Kevin Bacon Pep Talk Is A Caring And Trusted Friend To All Who Need One |UPROXX|

LOLNFL 2011: WEEK 13 |KissingSuzyKolber|

Ranking Television’s 10 Best Boobs |Pajiba|

Adult Swim’s Songs For Helping |Adult Swim|

Geektress Guide to Internet Shopping |Geektress|

9 Inexplicable Sequels to Bad Movies |Moviefone|

The Five Worst Surfing Wipeouts of 2011 |Brobible|

Google Maps Street View Of Famous Album Covers |Buzzfeed|

VIDEO BELOW: These cats are hardc0re. |via ObviousWinner|

[Pictures via The Force is Strong and Kickstarter (via gingerhaze)]

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