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“Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance”: What’d You Think?

By 02.20.12

We almost didn’t bother with a review because, well, this is a Neveldine/Taylor movie. These are the guys who made the “Crank” movies and “Gamer”, a movie which literally took the Greater Internet F***wad Theory and turned it into a screenplay.

In their own way, Neveldine/Taylor are actually good directors: they’re visually dynamic and fairly unpretentious about what they do. So pairing them with Nic Cage and “Ghost Rider” should work. And it does, to a point. The problem is, Neveldine/Taylor weren’t allowed to write the script and were saddled with a screenwriting team led by David Goyer. Let’s just say this has all the hallmarks of the cinematic genius behind “Blade: Trinity” and leave it at that.

Still, this is far and away better than Mark Steven Johnson’s terrible “One-Punching CGI Demons”. That’s both a sincere and backhanded compliment, because this isn’t a good movie by any stretch of the imagination, but at least there’s something to work with here: if there’s a third attempt, and Sony actually sticks with Neveldine/Taylor and lets them run around like the Ritalin-addled loons they are, we might finally see a good movie out of this character.

See it? Let us know what you thought in the comments.

image courtesy Sony Pictures

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