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Play “Half-Life 2″ This Saturday For “Half Life 3″

By 02.02.12

Every time a TV show is cancelled or a movie featuring a comic book character gets a minor continuity point wrong, nerds freak out like they’re being oppressed or something. As a result, we usually don’t cover these things (unless they’re funny).

This, however, is a protest we can get behind: instead of sending whiny letters or something, a group on Steam is calling on everybody humanly possible to play “Half-Life 2″ this weekend at the same time on Steam to remind Valve that we would really like to see a “Half Life 3″.

This is a great protest for four reasons:

1) It doesn’t ask us to do something idiotic.

2) It doesn’t act like being sold a consumer product is a God-given right. They just want to know whether or not “Half-Life 3″ or even Episode 3 is even coming out.

3) It’ll make Valve some money and get the point across in a positive way.

4) It’s not called “Occupy Valve”.

Will it work? Probably not. But, hey, it’s been a while for most of us, and “Half Life 2″ is a bona fide classic. So there are worse ways to spend a weekend.

[ via The Escapist ]

image courtesy 55Laney69 on Flickr

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