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By / 07.17.12

Yup, that’s right, the long, long, longstanding question of whether an Edgar Wright directed Ant-Man movie would ever happen has finally been answered. It’s happening and Wright showed up at Comic-Con with test footage to prove it.

It’s been quite a trudge to get here — word that Wright was working on Ant-Man first surfaced a few years ago, but then Wright put the project on hold for Scott Pilgrim, but then a few months back Wright sent out what seemed to be an Ant-Man tease via Twitter, but then it seemed like Wright was more interested in doing something new with pals Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, but then British special effects studios started snapping up old Ant-Man comics and rumor was an Ant-Man test reel had been shot. Whew.

Well, turns out that last rumor about test footage having been shot was right on the money. Unfortunately the test footage has, surprisingly, not yet been leaked to the Internet, but hit the jump for a description of the footage from somebody who saw it first-hand…

“The sequence was largely unfinished. It started on ant man, looking down out of an air vent and into a corridor, off towards an elevator door that’s being protected by two CIA-looking suited-up goons. He grows to full size, leaps through the air and shrinks as he does so, delivering his kick at ant size, but will full-scale weight.”

According to Wright the movie will be based on the story “To Steal an Ant-Man”. For those who don’t keep abreast of all things Ant-Man, that was the story that introduced the second Ant-Man, Scott Lang. Lang was a thief who stole original Ant-Man Hank Pym’s costume, but eventually took on the Ant-Man mantle full-time when Pym was off gallivanting as one of his numerous other aliases.

I can’t say I’m terribly interested in Ant-Man as a character, but I still have to put this near the top of my list of most anticipated superhero movies based on Wright’s past work. How about you folks? Looking forward to some “Honey I Shrunk the Superhero” action?

via Bleeding Cool

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