Before Hollywood Ruins Them: 16 Sci-Fi and Supernatural Scripts On The 2012 Black List

By: 12.18.12  •  13 Comments

The Survivalist by Stephen Fingleton (14 votes)
Years after lack of resources result in much of the world’s population dying off, a survivalist is living on a farm alone until a woman and her seventeen year old daughter show up looking for cover.

The Disciple Program by Tyler Marceca (12 votes)
A man begins an investigation into his wife’s mysterious death, only to find that it goes much deeper than he imagined.

Our Name Is Adam by T.S. Nowlin (10 votes)
An astronaut travels back in time to enlist the help of his younger self.

The Portland Condition by Dan Cohn and Jeremy Miller (10 votes)
Set against the backdrop of rainy Portland, Oregon, a young man finds himself falling in love for the first time – only to receive a letter from his future self, warning him of impending heartbreak.

Somacell by Ashleigh Powell (10 votes)
A female prison guard in the future, where prisoners are rehabilitated with virtual reality, discovers a conspiracy that puts her loyalty into question.

Ground Control To Major Tom by Jason Micallef (8 votes)
After nine years, a NASA communications expert reconnects with the astronaut she believed to be dead and helps rescue him from space.

Hibernation by Will Frank and Geneva Robertson-Dworet (7 votes)
A wrongly convicted inmate volunteers for a hibernation experiment in exchange for one day of parole every five years, which he uses to prove his innocence and search for his missing daughter across an increasingly futuristic landscape.

The Hooterville Dead by Brantley Aufill (7 votes)
Set in St. Louis in the 1920s, washed up baseball player Will Cosgrove is a private eye with his older brother Ross. When Ross goes missing, Will stumbles upon a deep secret that the disease taking over the town is not quite what it seems and a mob boss turned Governor will do anything to keep the town’s secret from being revealed.

Transcendence by Jack Paglen (7 votes)
An epic love story set in a time where a dying scientist is able to upload his consciousness into the internet and, facing its global implications, must fight against the forces who are actively working against the existence of a singularity.

Almanac by Jason Pagan and Andrew Stark (6 votes) [The photoshop above seems relevant here.]
A group of high school kids discover how to time travel, but fail to recognize the potential consequences.

Peste by Barbara Marshall (6 votes)
Following the outbreak of a virus that wipes out the majority of the human population, a teen documents her family’s new life in quarantine and tries to protect her infected sister.

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