No One Cared About BaneDad Until He Made These Vine Videos

By: 10.29.13  •  7 Comments

BaneDad Vines, a parody of BatDadVines and of Bane in The Dark Knight Rises

Last month we posted our favorite videos from BatDadVine, a father of four who dons a Batman mask and imparts six-second snippets of wisdom to his four kids and his attractive, beleaguered wife. Now a Vine account born in the darkness is here to challenge his advice.

BaneDad is the Vine account encouraging you to break the rules. Because you don’t get into the League of Shadows by looking both ways before you cross the street.

These BaneDad Vines are made by NYC-based comedians Anthony Apruzzese and Paul Laudiero (who also tipped us to these videos). We’ve collected our favorite turnstile-hopping, sandwich-stealing BaneDad Vines below. Click the volume button in the upper left corner to turn on the sound.

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