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Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Turkey Day Is Back

By 11.19.13


In 1991, because they had nothing better to do to fill air time, Comedy Central went with the bad joke, and ran a twenty-four hour marathon of Mystery Science Theater 3000 they called “Turkey Day.” It was a massive hit, and for years, the marathon was a Thanksgiving tradition. At least until MST3K went off the air for good, and even then, a lot of fans kept the tradition alive. And now it’s officially back, albeit in a slightly different form.

Shout! Factory, the current distributor of episodes and circulator of tapes, is throwing a web-streaming event on Thanksgiving. Even better, it’s being hosted by, and curated by, none other than Joel Robinson himself. Which is especially important if you’re in a house full of football fans and don’t give a crap about the game.

Joking aside, I’m old enough that I actually watched some of the original Turkey Day marathons, which along with watching the Saturday morning airing over breakfast was a big part of my childhood and teenage years. And, even if it’s a web stream, it’s great to see the tradition coming back, especially since I’ve worn out my copy of Mitchell. I just hope there’s a medley of shorts, especially this one:

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