Aled Lewis Celebrates The Best Pop Culture Rivalries With His ‘Such Pixels’ Art Show

By: 02.11.14  •  3 Comments


Tesla vs Edison


Biggie vs 2pac


Ned?! inspired by Phil Conners punching Ned Ryerson in Groundhog Day


Space Invaders Destroying White House inspired by Space Invaders and Independence Day


You Foul, Loathesome, Evil Little Cockroach inspired by Hermoine punching Draco


The Coruscant Tapestry inspired by all Star Wars movies (of which there are three, not six lalala I can’t hear you). It may be hard to tell from the pictures, but this is a hand-stitched, 30-foot-long tapestry depicting the entire Star Wars saga with quotes from the movies written in Aurebesh around the borders.


Don’t Be Frightened inspired by the time Nic Cage dressed up as a bear and cold-clocked some woman. Did this happen in The Wicker Man, or was it a reenactment of true life events? You decide:

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