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4 Hollywood Trends Video Games Need To Steal (And A Couple They Don’t)

By 04.16.14

Of course, not every Hollywood trend is worth emulating. Here’s a few video games should stay far away from…



Ready to wear this on your head for future six-hour gaming binges?

3D and Other Assorted Gimmicks

3D, IMAX, special chairs that jab you in the butt — movies are all about the gimmicks meant to “immerse you in the movie” (and immerse more of your money in Hollywood’s vast cash pool) and video games seem to want to follow suit. A couple years ago, there was a lot of talk about video game support for 3D TVs, and now everyone’s jumping aboard the VR bandwagon with the Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus. Well, even Mark Zuckerberg is wrong sometimes.

People are willing to pay a small amount of money to rent some dorky glasses and sit with a bunch of other people who look similarly dorky. It’s a shared dorky experience. It’s okay. People aren’t willing to spend large quantities of money to look like dorks in their own homes. Until 3D and VR is cheap and requires no goofy headwear, it’s not going to catch on, no matter how good the effect is, and even if it does get to that point, I’m not sure 3D and VR really works for video games. I find passively sitting through a 90-minute 3D movie stressful enough on my eyes and stomach. Being actively engaged in a video game for two or three hours while wearing a VR headset may actually kill me.


The epic conclusion to the Super Mario Trilogy!


Not everything has to come in threes. Also, don’t bulls–t us — stop pretending every time a series just happens to make it to a third entry that you intended to do a trilogy all along.

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What movie trends do you think video games should be cribbing? Agree with my picks/think they’ll destroy gaming as we know it? Hit the comments and let’s discuss.

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