5 Reasons The PS4 Will No Longer Be On Top By The End Of 2014

By: 04.03.14

The Xbox One Is Probably In For A Big Shake-Up In 2014

But come on, brand loyalty will evaporate once core-casuals see the Xbox One’s $500 price tag, right? Maybe not. Evidence is mounting that the Xbox One on shelves by year’s end will be quite different from the current model. Microsoft is promising continued major system updates throughout the year, and they’ve already started cutting the system’s price overseas. Could we see a stripped-down, Kinectless Xbox One by the end of the year? Possibly. We’re almost certainly going to see the price drop to the $400 mark. By the end of the year, the difference between the Xbox One and PS4 is likely going to be much less pronounced in the eyes of most mainstream consumers. Hell, with Kinect and its TV-watching bells and whistles the Xbox One may even been seen as the better value.


“Hey, uh, guys? Can we get it together and make me a new game?”

Something Bad Is Happening Behind The Scenes At Sony

The Playstation 4 is a really well designed gaming console. Nobody’s denying that, but a system is only as good as the games you can play on that, and unfortunately Sony Worldwide Studios, the collection of first-party developers responsible for Sony’s biggest games, seems to be falling apart at the seams.

Driveclub, the title that was supposed to be the PS4’s big exclusive launch window racing game, has been delayed indefinitely. Naughty Dog, the studio behind Uncharted and The Last of Us has been leaking top talent, including Uncharted writer Amy Hennig. Sony Santa Monica, responsible for recent God of War games, has also been hemorrhaging talent. Insomniac Games, the company behind Ratchet & Clank and Resistance has defected altogether and joined team Xbox. And of course, we’re just talking about Sony’s video game division here — the rest of the company may be in even worse shape.

Point is, aside from The Order: 1886 the PS4s upcoming first-party line-up looks bleak, and given the turmoil behind the scenes, I wouldn’t count on a huge number of new announcements at E3.


Halo is going to kick the ass of, uh, what’s Sony got again?


And really, it all comes down to this. Xbox One will have a Halo game out this holiday and the PS4 will have, well, I’m not sure. Naughty Dog themselves have said Uncharted probably isn’t happening this year. Even if some miracle was to occur and Uncharted did happen in 2014, Nathan Drake just isn’t a star on the level of Master Chief. The PS4 may very well lead for most of 2014, but unless they have some crazy secret blockbuster up their sleeves (and I don’t think they do) this holiday season goes to Microsoft.

And of course, let’s not forget the Wii U — it could still come from behind and beat both the PS4 and the Xbox One! Haha, no, I’m kidding, but this Nintendo fan can dream.

What about you folks? How do you see things shaking out by year’s end?

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