Five Games: ‘Child Of Light’ And Everything Else You Need To Play This Week

By: 04.28.14  •  12 Comments

Pick of the Week

Child of Light (PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 & Wii U, Apr. 30th)

Ubisoft’s ode to 16 and 32-bit RPGs arrives this week. Child of Light is, of course, achingly gorgeous, but by most accounts the game’s world and underlying mechanics are pretty solid as well. Want Ubisoft to occasionally return to their roots and make something other than violent open-world games? Let them know by downloading Child of Light.

April was uncharacteristically slow this year, but hey, at least it went out with a bang! Any games you’re itching to get your hands on that I failed to mention? Hit the comments and let the world know.

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