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The New Bruce Timm Batman Short Is Amazing

By 04.11.14

Warner Bros.

Last week we learned that Bruce Timm, one of the masterminds behind the classic Batman: The Animated Series (and most of the Batman animated series to come after it for that matter) was working on a new Batman short entitled Batman: Strange Days.

Well, the clip debuted on Cartoon Network last night, but just in case you’re an adult and don’t watch Cartoon Network all day, we have the short for you to watch below. It’s only three minutes long, but Timm packs a lot of 90s nostalgia into those few minutes…

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Okay, can…can we just get a new Batman: The Animated Series? You could show it twice a day! Once for the kids and once during Adult Swim for us wistful geezers.

via Bleeding Cool

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