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A Heroine Is Targeted In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘Trinity Of Sin: Pandora’ #11

By 05.16.14

DC Comics

Pandora is the butt monkey of the DC Universe. She accidentally unleashed horror across the land, she’s been getting punished for it ever since, and has spent eons trying to redeem herself. And now, she might get two in the back of the head, in our exclusive preview of Trinity of Sin: Pandora #11.

Pandora has been an interesting book for DC. Ray Fawkes has taken the basic concept in a surprising direction; Pandora isn’t a magic-wielding superheroine, but a two-fisted mystical vigilante. It’s a pretty interesting take on the idea, and it’s paid unexpected dividends.

Of course, she’s also, however accidentally, responsible for the events of Forever Evil, so that’s not going to end well for her. If you want to know what happens next, Trinity Of Sin: Pandora #11 hits stands next week.


DC Comics

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DC Comics

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