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Frankenstein Goes To Pieces In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘The New 52: Future’s End’ #4

By 05.23.14

DC Comics

Frankenstein has always had a preference for being alone, even in the DCU. Unfortunately for him, he’s a superhero, and superheroes are never left alone for long. Hence an awkward return to his former team, in this exclusive preview of The New 52: Future’s End #4.

It is interesting that DC has themed a weekly book around all of their heroes with canceled books. Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. in particular was a loss keenly felt because it was just such an oddball book, even for DC. It managed to capture a little bit of the nature of Grant Morrison, even though he wasn’t writing the book.

Frankenstein, of course, retired to somewhere cold because that’s what Frankenstein does, and last issue, a robotic polar bear got up in his business. He’s unhappy about it and is currently looking for answers, as you can see in this preview.


DC Comics

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DC Comics


DC Comics

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