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Power Girl Takes Charge In This Exclusive Preview Of ‘World’s Finest’ #23

By 05.09.14

DC Comics

Power Girl and Huntress have spent, quite literally, years on the Earth of the New 52. Formerly Superwoman and Robin, Helena Wayne and Karen Starr have been searching for a way home ever since they got dumped in an alternate reality they don’t understand. And now, they may have found it. But can they leave their lives behind?

World’s Finest is a pleasurable book not least because of the presence of Paul Levitz, longtime DC executive and possibly the man who knows DC’s superscience and alternate worlds style better than any other writer. He wrote a popular nine year run on The Legion of Superheroes, bringing that team up to date with DC’s style while keeping what made the book popular. Levitz has stepped away from his executive duties, and his return to writing comics has been a lot of fun.

Not least because he knows how to pace exposition and a gag, as this preview shows. World’s Finest #23 is on the stands next week.


DC Comics

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DC Comics

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