E3 2014: Five Things Microsoft Has To Do At The Show

By: 06.05.14


Extra cracks on Master Chief’s visor doesn’t count as something new. 

A Halo That Does Something New

Okay, so Microsoft’s E3 press conference will end with Halo 5: Guardians, that’s just a given. Hopefully we’ll actually get to see it in action, and hopefully it won’t be the same Halo Microsoft has been pumping out for the past 13-years. Halo 5 needs to break from the mould and deliver something more than just “more Master Chief”. Merge the multiplayer and single-player Titanfall style, or go open world, or deliver on Microsoft’s early Xbox One promises and use the cloud to do things Halo fans have never seen before. Halo 5 isn’t in the position to be comfy and nostalgic — it needs to be as cutting edge as the first Halo was in 2001.

The One Thing Microsoft Shouldn’t Do At E3

While of listing things Microsoft needs to do at E3, here’s one thing they definitely don’t need to do…

TV, TV, Sports, Sports, TV

TV and sports are going to remain important to the Xbox One, and that’s fine, but E3 is absolutely not the place to talk about that stuff. Microsoft needs to do everything they can to avoid comparisons to their disastrous TV ‘n’ sportz obsessed Xbox One unveiling. E3 is the video games show — keep the talk to video games.

Well, that’s what I think Microsoft needs to bring to E3. What about you? What are you hoping for from Microsoft?

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