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‘It’s Better With Batman’ Uses Photoshop To Prove Everything Needs More Batman

By 07.15.14

It’s Better With Batman is a new single-serving Tumblr started by Reid Parker from Melbourne, Australia. He posits that movies, TV shows, etc. would be much improved by the presence of the Dark Knight. The evidence for this comes via photoshops of Batman classing up Orange Is The New Black, Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Bastards, Up, The Hangover, Gravity, and more. There’s even a topical World Cup reference thrown in there for good measure.

He also suggests what True Detective‘s next season should be and sparks our imagination about the first meeting of R. Lee Ermey and Sad Batman, pictured above. Bruce had better start sh*tting Tiffany cufflinks or the Sergeant will definitely f*ck him up.

We’ve picked all but one of our favorites from It’s Better With Batman (via Neatorama) and collected them below. However, we didn’t use the NSFW Silence Of The Lambs one, but we wanted to. Would you swear it to me? I’d swear it to me.

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