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Sinestro Meets The Only Man He Fears In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘Sinestro’ #5

By 08.22.14
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DC Comics

Sinestro is the master of fear. But there’s one thing that scares even him, as we find out in this exclusive preview of Sinestro #5

Sinestro has been a fairly interesting book, not least because DC called in supervillain book expert Cullen Bunn. Bunn has been exploring Sinestro’s noble goals and contrasting them smartly with his oppressive, violent ways of achieving them, bringing out that while Sinestro genuinely means well and wants to protect the people of Korugar, his moral myopia makes him just as dangerous to them as any other threat.

Of course, that doesn’t mean people don’t support his ends, but it still means he’ll have to explain his means to certain people. Like, for example, his greatest enemy:


DC Comics

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DC Comics


DC Comics

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