‘The Last Of Us’ Finds Its Proper Home On The Playstation 4

By: 08.04.14  •  5 Comments

Interestingly, the game gives you the option of playing the game at 60 frames-per-second, or opting for a locked 30fps with improved lighting effects. I’ve never been one to count frames, but the effect 60fps has on The Last of Us is hard to ignore — like a flip of a light switch, the world suddenly feels more convincing, more real. Also, while the 60fps technically isn’t locked, I haven’t noticed any frame rate inconsistencies. On the other hand, the razor sharp shadows of the 30fps mode are damn nice too. Don’t worry, whichever option you choose, you’re getting a very pretty game.



Aside from the visual embellishments, you’re getting more or less the exact same game that came out last year. The Last of Us has been praised to the stars by some and branded an overhyped disappointment by others, and really, both camps are right to some degree. The game’s controls retain a bit of that Resident Evil, “clunky controls make horror games scarier” flawed thinking, and some of its stealth sections can be a pain, but it was, and remains, a landmark title in so many ways. Nothing else on the market can match The Last of Us in terms of storytelling, world building, gripping setpieces and gut-punch emotional moments. Will The Last of Us hold up as an all-time classic 10-years from now? I couldn’t predict, but as of 2014 it still retains almost all of its considerable lustre.

So, is The Last of Us Remastered worth your money? Well, if you haven’t played the game yet, the answer is an unequivocal yes. If you’re a former Xbox 360 put off by the Xbox One, this game is you should begin your relationship with the PS4 with. If you have played The Last of Us before, the game is, as mentioned, a familiar beast, but now it’s where it belongs. It’s home. If you really love the game, I imagine that might mean something to you.




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