‘300’ Gets The Honest Trailers Treatment Just In Time For The Unnecessary Sequel

gammasquad300Sadly Xerxes will have to give some other diaper wearing dude shoulder rubs in the new 300. 

Hey, did you know there’s another 300 movie coming out in a little over a week? I believe it’s called 300: Something Something of a Something. Oooo, hopefully the first movie’s most memorable character, the kicking pit, makes a return! And somebody yells THIS IS SPARTA again!

Anyways, it’s not exactly a new movie, but if any flick ever deserved the Honest Trailers treatment it’s 300

I completely forgot Michael Fassbender was in this movie (although, come on, of course he was). Also, I totally missed that double flute playing scene — shameless.

via Tastefully Offensive

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