7 Dinosaurs Discovered Since The Last Jurassic Park Movie That Need To Be In Jurassic Park 4

08.03.12 5 years ago 22 Comments

So, there’s going to be a new Jurassic Park movie in 2014. Hooray! In the past the Jurassic Park movies have made a decent effort to reflect what’s going on at the time in the world of paleontology. The first movie had its characters constantly going on about how dinosaurs evolved into birds, might have been warm-blooded and did move in herds. Jurassic Park III included the recently discovered Spinosaurus as its main dino-villain.

Well, paleontology didn’t go on hiatus just because the Jurassic Park series did. In the decade-plus since the last Jurassic Park movie there have been all sorts of frightening, amazing and downright wacky dinos discovered. Here are seven newly discovered dinos Spielberg and company really ought to be considering for JP4…


What’s scarier than a raptor? How about a raptor that’s 26-feet long and weighs over two tons? For the record that’s over 35-times more massive than the Velociraptors from earlier Jurassic Park movies. Plus it’s got a parrot/turkey head that’s just f–king crazy looking.


Gigantic raptors are scary, but what about swarms of tiny little raptors? Tiny little feathery raptors? That would be plenty scary in its own right.

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So this guy looks fairly terrifying, but then most dinosaurs look fairly terrifying. What sets Sinornithosaurus apart? Well, it’s the only species of dino known to be poisonous. Apparently these little punks had a habit swooping down out of trees and biting their prey in the back of the neck. Nice.

Of course Jurassic Park fans will recall the series has already had a venomous dinosaur — those ruffled necked guys that killed Newman in the first movie. Well, turns out the makers of Jurassic Park straight up fabricated that s–t. There’s no evidence that the dino that killed Newman, Dilophosaurus, spat poison or had neck ruffles.

I can see why they did it. A poisonous dinosaur is an awesome idea, and hey, guess what, now there’s a dino we actually know was poisonous, so no more fudging stuff for Jurassic Park 4 guys.


That’s right, there’s now a dinosaur that’s a cross between a T-Rex and a raptor. I’m fairly certain a team of marketers and toy designers must have travelled back in time and planted the fossils for this thing, because it’s just too perfect.

So yeah, basically Raptorex is the size of a large raptor, but has all the features and characteristics of a T-Rex. There’s a pretty good chance the discovery of this dino was the entire reason they decided to make a new Jurassic Park in the first place.

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