Right In The Feels: Batman And Captain America Rescued A Cat From A Burning Building

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09.10.13 6 Comments

Batman And Captain America Rescued A Cat From A Burning Building

An electrical fire in a house in Milton, West Virginia, was a little less tragic this week when the family cat was saved by Batman And Captain America. The two costumed men, John Buckland (as Batman) and Troy Marcum (as Captain America), were at a nearby American Legion Post giving a safety lecture to kids when the fire broke out.

They arrived on the scene before the fire department, and Buckland — a former firefighter and Iraq War veteran — instructed Marcum to break a window while Buckland checked to see if anyone was inside the home. He ran back out with a cat which had inhaled smoke.

That’s when Buckland began giving it mouth-to-mouth breaths to displace the smoke it had inhaled. When the cat came to, Buckland said it “freaked out.”

“[The cat] hissed at me and everything, looked like it wanted to kill me,” Buckland said.

What we wouldn’t have given to see Batman performing mouth-to-mouth on a confused cat… *commences search on DeviantART*

E.M.S. on the scene asked Buckland to take his mask off so they could give him some oxygen. Buckland said he gathered the kids who were nearby and made them swear they wouldn’t tell anyone “who Batman really is.” [WSAZ]

Holy heartwarming story, Batman. That’s adorable.

Batman And Captain America Rescued A Cat From A Burning Building

Fortunately, the rest of the family wasn’t home. And one lucky cat even got to make out with Batman.

[Video via WSAZ via Arbroath. Additional video available at WCHSTV.]

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