'Big Ass Spider!' Is The Sensitive Drama It Sounds Like

It’s hard not to have an affection for giant insect movies. Granted, we’re not generally talking classics of film here, but then again, you don’t show up to a burger joint and complain about the lack of foie gras on the menu. And ‘Big Ass Spider!’ looks like one tasty burger.

Here’s the trailer, in all its cheesy glory:

In case you hadn’t guessed, it’s a story of a man and a spider trying to reconcile their forbidden love.

OK, OK, so it looks deliberately campy, but the movie itself is clearly shooting for a Tremors type vibe. Mike Mendez, the director, has a long career directing horror movies, and he’s also an experienced editor.

And if nothing else, seeing LA get destroyed by a giant alien spider is always a good time, especially in a movie where Satan has command of the military and our last hope is Eric from Alias.

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