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20 Most Cromulent ‘Simpsons’ GIFs |Warming Glow|

In Case You Were Wondering, Chris Brown Is Still The Absolute Worst |UPROXX|

The 10 Definitive Nicolas Cage GIFs |UPROXX|

IMPORTANT MOVIE NEWS: Kate Upton Bouncing Has a Supercut |Film Drunk|

Get Ready For Haywire 2: Live Free Or Wire Hay |With Leather|

Pot, Meet Kettle: Shaq Calls Dwight Howard Leaving Orlando A “Travesty” |Smoking Section|

Shirtless Jeff Goldblum Pretty Much Demanded Jurassic Parks And Rec To Happen |UPROXX|

Tesla Reports Sales Of $40 Million On Model X Electric Car |Smoking Section|

Bill O’Reilly To Kate Upton: “Get Off My Lawn!” |With Leather|

‘Justified’: Takin’ My Kidneys, Layla |Warming Glow|

Nas Tells His Craziest Party Story Ever |Brobible|

11 Crappiest Movies Of Michael Caine’s Career |Pajiba|

Tyler, The Creator Almost Got Machete’d |GorillaMask|

Robot Shoots Hoops, Nothing but (Sky)net |Technabob|

Eight Giant Movie Plot Holes in Eight Images |Unreality|

7 Sites You Should Be Wasting Time On Right Now |HuffPost Comedy|

Man Suffers Heart Attack While Eating at Heart Attack Grill |Popcrush|

Ten More GIFs Of Jeremy Lin, The Most Undeniably Exciting Thing In Sports Right Now |Buzzfeed|

Jon Stewart and Ricky Gervais have a rational discussion about panda sex, porn, and raccoon humping |FARK|

VIDEO BELOW: Sparky the Corgi mix rolls down a hill |via HYST|

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