Chosen Links And Emo Dogs

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“Just a picture of Jesus arm wrestling Satan on the side of a car.” — Reddit

What If Presidential Politicians Were More Like Kenny Powers? |Warming Glow|

BOO THIS WOMAN! Mike Stone’s porn star prom date rejected by superintendent |Film Drunk|

If Don Draper Handled Modern Marketing |UPROXX|

The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 3/19/12: Little Mac Versus Bald Bull |With Leather|

R. Kelly’s Going To One-Up Tyler Perry With “Trapped In The Closet” Movie |Smoking Section|

Meme Watch: Pissed Old Guy Is Very Pissed, Very Old |UPROXX|

Rick Santorum Re-Imagined As A Japanese Girl: Rick Santorum-san |UPROXX|

Leo Messi Hat-Trick Breaks Barcelona All-Time Goal Record |Smoking Section|

Jay Cutler’s Kid Is Already A Huge Star |With Leather|

Alison Brie Looks Pretty, Spoils ‘Mad Men’ |Warming Glow|

Three Stooges trade Kate Upton’s heaving breasts for Sofia Vergara’s |Film Drunk|

High Fin |High Definite|

The Funniest #RomneyToys |HuffPost Comedy|

Chelsea vs. Math… WHO YA GOT!?!? |GorillaMask|

Two Firemen Dressed in Drag Put Out Burning Car |The FW|

Hell is Other People – How Gamers are Ruining Gaming |Unreality|

A Photographic History of Jennifer Lawrence’s Brief Career |Pajiba|

Adult Swim World Premiere: Tanlines’ “All of Me” Music Video |Adult Swim|

8 Funny Faces Of The “Mad Men” Cast At The New York Stock Exchange |Buzzfeed|

Military Dad Dresses Up as Captain America to Surprise His Son by Coming Home on His Birthday |Brobible|

VIDEO BELOW: Guilty dog goes to his room, slams the door |via TastefullyOffensive|

[Inset picture via TheClearlyDope.]

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