"Chronicle" Director Tackles "Shadow of the Colossus"

“Chronicle” has been, so far, arguably the best superhero movie of the year (and, yeah, we’re including “The Avengers” in that), and the director, Josh Trank, is tied to a lot of movies, as tends to happen when you make a movie that grosses four or five times its budget.

But apparently his latest will be a live-action “Shadow of the Colossus”.

The good news is that this isn’t Sony heartlessly throwing a property they own into the summer tentpole arena: Trank loves the game and actively sought the job. We’re just wondering how a movie of the game, which has deliberately has the bare minimum of story, is going to work.

But, hey, we’ll take it. Better than Hollywood deciding “Madden” needs a movie.

image courtesy SCE

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