Coned Animals, The Real Taylor Kitsch, And Links

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That’s no moon.

A Day In The Life Of DJ Wally Sparks |Smoking Section|

The Best Of #Titanic Lulz |UPROXX|

Wawtch Mahky Mahk pahty with a fackin teddy beah |Film Drunk|

WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 4/2/12: The Beginning Of A New, Not Entirely Dissimilar Era |With Leather|

‘Game of Thrones’ Recap: ‘The North Remembers’ |Warming Glow|

Dogs That Look Like ‘Mad Men’ Characters |Warming Glow|

Mad Men Discussion: Fat Betty Draper Francis Is FAT FAT FAT |UPROXX|

Tracy Morgan Explains Twitter |UPROXX|

On Marvin Gaye, The Pressures Of Fame And Why Sex Is Better Than Love |Smoking Section|

Probably the best Juggalo freestyle of all time |Film Drunk|

The Greatest Tire Cover In The World |With Leather|

Chevy Chase Calls Dan Harmon a ‘Fat Sh*t,’ Might Leave ‘Community’ |Warming Glow|

If Battleship Makes Any Money… |Adult Swim|

What Girls REALLY Do In The Shower |HuffPost Comedy|

A Photographic Tribute To Dogs Who Sleep Funny |EgoTV via GorillaMask|

12 Terrifying, Beautiful Photos Of A Burning Skyscraper In Moscow |Buzzfeed|

Custom Painted Sonic the Hedgehog Sneakers for Sidewalk Spin-Dashes |Technabob|

Dip into the collection plate for dollar bills: Pastor puts stripper pole on the pulpit |Fark|

10 Real-Life Couples Which Feature Television Actors That You Had No Idea Existed |Pajiba|

VIDEO BELOW: Arthur vs. the cone |via TheAwesomer|

[Pictures via TheFrogman and /film.]

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