The DeLorean Hovercraft Is Complete. This Is Heavy.

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We must possess this. It is our density.

Back in April of 2010 we introduced you to a DeLorean hovercraft being built by Matthew Riese and friends to replicate the flying DeLorean in Back To The Future. Later that year, Riese set up a Kickstarter project to build an improved, amphibious version of the DeLorean hovercraft. He raised $5,644 to complete this glorious machine, seen in action in the video below. Riese drove it in San Francisco Bay in this footage aired during a Giants game.

Riese’s hovercraft is based on the plans to a popular kit hovercraft, with a body modified to look like the flying DeLorean from Back To The Future. Riese aimed to build it with a top speed of 45 mph. His Kickstarter page runs down some of the materials used to make this awesomeness: 16 yards of 6 oz. fiberglass, 1/8″ foam PVC plastic sheeting, 2.5 gallons of epoxy resin, 4 gallons of latex mold-builder, 4 yards Baltek mat core material, 2 gallons of expanding urethane foam, and various other bits and bobs to make it qualify for registration as a boat with the California DMV.

Although Riese can drive it on asphalt or on water, its rating as a boat means it isn’t street legal. That’s all right, though. Where he’s going, he doesn’t need roads.

[Hat tip and a Van Halen cassette to The Daily What.]

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