Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week

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05.30.11 6 Comments

We can’t leave you guys totally hanging on a holiday, so here are ten awesome costumes we saw this week, starting with the real-life version of the Hipster Ariel meme above.  So sick.  So exclusive. You might not recognize it.  She’s kind of obscure. *adjusts keffiyeh, contracts HPV*
Onward to the gallery:

(Click pictures to enlarge.)

Another view of Hipster Ariel, via Reddit.

Lookin’ good, Link. [via PleatedJeans]

Lookin’ good, too, Link. [photo by Ryan Thompson via GeeksAreSexy]

This costume of Big Sister from Bioshock is for sale on Etsy. [via Technabob]

If you have to get captured by Boba Fett, make it this Boba Fett. [Prints available at Xomiele]

Normally I ignore clichéd self-pics, but I’ll make an exception for Wonder Woman, especially on Memorial Day.  USA!  USA!  USA! [via LATFG]

Pops from “Regular Show”, because why not? [via MegaMan007]

Pocahontas cosplay?  Historically delicious.  [via EpicPonyz]

Adorable, you are. [via TheForce]

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