When Geeks Get Married

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Above is how Redditor trehlo proposed to his girlfriend.  She said yes. Cutting the book down to “The Unbreakable Vow” was a nice touch, and also a subtle threat.  Don’t even think about divorcing him.   He’ll Severus a Snape up in here.
But this is just one of many examples of what happens — besides lots of kids with Asperger’s — when geeks get married.  After the jump is a gallery of geeky wedding invitations, cakes, and ceremonies.  We refrained from adding geeky wedding rings to the mix, because most of them were just a male plug for something on the man’s ring and the female plug on the woman’s, because the penis goes into the vagina, hardy har har, now you’re wearing a d*ck joke that’ll catch on clothing and rip it.  Clever.

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Save the Date.

Bruce Campbell officiates a zombie wedding.

Kneel before Zod or forever hold your peace.

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