Marvel Went Ahead And Released The Official ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Poster If You Didn’t Get Enough This Week

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02.20.14 29 Comments
guardians of the galaxy poster


This has been a big week for Marvel’s big summer gamble, Guardians Of The Galaxy. The trailer hit a few days ago and I’ve sort of had it in my mind ever since. The movie looks like a lot of fun and the trailer, along with the ‘Meet The Guardians’ videos released today, really helped to introduce a team that your average viewer might not recognize.

Now we get the official poster from Marvel and it sort of feels like the polar opposite of the trailer. We once again get a full glimpse of the team, but it’s in that calming violet atmosphere at twilight. Where the trailer makes you feel like it is going to be non-stop hijinks with a tree prince and a bloodthirsty raccoon, this poster gives off the vibe that the Guardians are going to release an easy listening album next week.

Some folks want to compare Guardians of the Galaxy to Firefly. While that’s perfectly acceptable, I’d hate to see people running into this movie and expecting another Firefly movie and then curse the heavens when they don’t get it.

Still, my excitement level is high. I want this movie, flop or no flop and we have six more months to build the excitement. I’m a sucker for the cosmic Marvel Universe and to see it come to the film universe is great. Also we will finally get back to Thanos most likely, which can’t be a bad thing.

guardians of the galaxy poster


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